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estrellaEverything you want is just outside your confort zone.
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The team is built by multidisciplinary professionals with international experience, multicultural and highly motivated to work objective oriented and focused on a customer service.

The founder of the company. Xavier Aleixandre has worked in a management position over fifteen years in sales and marketing roles in three different countries. He holds a Master Degree in Marketing and sales issued by EADA from Barcelona and a Diploma in Business issued by WIT, Western Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. He is co-founder in two successful projects in the UAE.

Hamad Jasem Alhosani, partner in this project was born in Abu Dhabi the Capital of United Arab Emirates. He finished his bachelor in Abu Dhabi University. He has 12 years experience in government entities, he opened his first business in 2006. In 2009 He started Liwa Group, business setup and development, and business services provider company.

Xavier Aleixandre

Let's be realistic, let's do the impossible.


XA&Co We are a company whose main activity is the provision of sales advisory and business development in the United Arab Emirates, other countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and in the Middle East region.

Business Model

Is a Objective oriented model, we design customized strategies for each customer and particular situation, adapting it to each sector, product and channel since we have a permanent and stable structure in the region based in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).


Win-Win situation.

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The business concept is based on the outsourcing of the Export Department of your company, or in case it already exists, work with it closely.

How it Works? By an “Implant”

The model of Implant has been designed to establish a work frame and cooperation system amongst the export department, the management team of your company and our experts in the region, designing strategies, objectives and monitoring the implementation of the actions.

"This system assures maximize the investment, minimizing the time and resources needed to achieve the established objectives."

The service that we propose is based on 3 phases


1st Planning Stage

Market Research

SWOT analysis

Design of Sales strategy and Objective definition


2nd Trade Agenda

Meeting strategic clients in the region previously coordinated with our local team


3rd Follow up of the generated leads from both sides

In origen from your premises

In situ by our sales team on the region

In addition

We can provide the possibility of seeking funding or local partnership for the expansion of the project in the region


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